Our Company

ECAP of NC, LLC (ECAP) was formed in July 1999 for the purpose of providing premium audit services to property / casualty insurance companies.

We are a regional audit service company based in Wilmington, NC. We offer personalized services based on our customers needs

Premium Audit

We offer full premium audit services, including physical audits, pre audit, hybrid audits, and also mail audits.

All auditors are equipped with Basic Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance, Scopes Manual, and the Commercial General Liability Manual. 

A distinct advantage that we have over the competition is the experience we have from working for a major insurance carrier. We understand the issues surrounding the use of fee companies and also what key issues are involved in preparing a high quality premium audit in a timely manner.


All of our audits are completed using the state of the art technology, web-based, and vendor developed software named NexusAudit which was developed by Nexus Insurance Solutions .


PO Box 15068

Wilmington, NC 28408