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Nexus Insurance Solutions gave us the capability to give you the free service to log into a portal for you to securely input the requested information alongside copies of records we ask for. Please refer to our FAG if you have any other questions. 

If you have issues logging in or have further questions please use the contact button below to email us. Our staff will get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for you assistance in helping us complete your audit!

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What is the Premium Audit for?

Your policy is based on estimates that you provided at the start of the policy period, which could be one of several premium basis such as payroll or sales. The audit determines if the actual payroll (or sales, etc.) are in line with the estimates you provided previously.

Why do I need to complete the Audit?

One of the provisions of your insurance policy is to allow the insurance company to complete an audit of your records for the time period during which you had insurance coverage. Failing to complete the audit violates the terms of your policy and may lead to an estimated audit.

If I no longer have insurance coverage with the Carrier, do I still need to complete the audit?

Yes. The carrier still has the right to audit records covering the time period when the policy was in force.

Where can I find my Control Number?

The control number can be found at the bottom of the letter as well as in some cases in the body of the letter with a password, or on the first page of the forms beneath a bar code. The control number can be found at the bottom of each page of the letter you received beneath a bar code.

I don’t want to complete the online form, how do I request paper forms?

You can email and request paper forms, that you can fill out and then either email, fax, or mail to us. All contact information is on the letter as well. If you want to fax, please make sure you make the letter the first page of the fax.


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