Premium Audit Services

Using our web based software developed by Nexus Insurance Solutions, we are able to offer services listed below while maintaining the promise of excellent time service. Their superior design allows us to support your needs for premium audit in the insurance industry in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner. This software also enables us to offer customized web services for automated upload and download transmission of data. 

Using said software allows us to offer data interfaces for requesting new work and returning completed audits using any format including XML, Excel, or text files.  The completed work can be returned using any method from secure email to a completely automated customer feed. Our system also creates invoices with custom formats and time periods that can be automatically sent to you. 

We are also able to provide access to a customer portal to view inventory, track status,  and view or print completed work. All data is secured and reliable in every aspect of the system.

Physical Audits

Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to carry out physical audits in North and South Carolina. We also work with various other companies to provide services in Virginia and Georgia.

Virtual/Hybrid Audits

Our Virtual/Hybrid audits are a cost effective alternative to a physical audit.  All required records can be reviewed and verified remotely. Telephone interviews are conducted to obtain all needed information in order to complete an audit at a more affordable cost.

Telephone & Mail Audits

Our Audit Call Center can meet any requirement in all 50 status for verified phone and internet-based voluntary audits. This allows insureds to use the Insured Portal to input information and send records securely. Our call team is able to review the information provided by them and contact them for more information or clarification if needed.


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